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Alumni Services Section

Chief Alumni Service Section




1. Responsible for the overall planning of the center’s various affairs.

2. Supervise alumni organizations and activities to keep alumni on friendly terms with TUT.

3. Connection of department alumni clubs and promotion of relevant activities.

4. Arranges the convention of alumni reunion meetings and reception.

5. Supervises the establishment and registration of alumni clubs in various districts.

6. Handles various consultation and alumni input and provides feedback.

7. Other last minute tasks.


Li-Wen LIN



1 .Implementation of the Section’s annual work plan.

2. Maintenance and management of Alumni Service Section’s website and FB page.

3. Updating and maintenance of the Section’s website.

4. Updating and maintenance of alumni information system.

5. Following alumni’s status and updating alumni’s post- graduation achievement.

6. Design of relevant promotional paraphernalia and posters

7. Distribution of university magazine/birthday/holiday greeting cards to alumni.

8. Reception and issuing of official documents.

9. Supporting alumni related events and compilation of the Section’s/alumni club’s event photographs.

10. Handles various consultation and alumni input and provides feedback.

11. Other last minute tasks.