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Secretary Location



In addition to carrying out tasks given by the President and various publicity affairs, the Secretary Office is primarily responsible for the planning of university development, coordination of administrative affairs and the implementation of internal control/audit.

The Director of the Secretary’s Office is in charge of general affairs relating to the Office, which consists of an Administration Section, a Public Relations Section, and the President’s Secretary with each section having its own chief and staffs.

With a prospective view of university management, the Office is dedicated to the goal of developing an administrative system of great versatility for TUT with scope of operation covering:

1. Handling of official documents.

2. Assisting with relevant administrative processes, such as administrative meetings, section chief meetings, university development council meetings and the operation of the legal affairs section.

3. Scheduling of the President’s itineraries.

4. Arranging guest visits.

5. Handling of external affairs, including PR management, issuing press releases, press liaison, announcement of important messages.

6. Responding to feedback and opinion.

7. Production of video tapes/CDs on TUT.

8. Recording of key university events.

9. Formulation, review and revision of the university’s development plans.

10. Designing the websites for TUT, the President’s Office, Secretary Office and the “Han-Chia Cultural & Educational Foundation”.

11. Other administrative matters (i.e. following up on key projects and affairs).

12. Promotion of fundraising for the “University Fund”.

13. Promotion of relevant affairs for the “Han-Chia Cultural & Educational Foundation”.

14. Promotion and auditing of all internal control systems for the university, including legal entities, the university and its affiliated rganizations.